Laser Dentistry Westwood

Although dentists have used lasers since 1994 for dental problems, it has only been the last decade or so that more dentists are beginning to use Laser Dentistry in all areas of practice including tooth decay, gum disease, teeth whitening, biopsy and lesion removal.

Tooth Decay

Westwood Family Dental uses Laser Dentistry to remove tooth decay before using Laser Dentistry to prepare the enamel for a filling. Laser Dentistry is also used to harden or cure fillings.

Gum Disease

Dr. Toubian also uses Laser Dentistry to reshape your gums, and to remove bacteria during a root canal procedure.


When you have your teeth whitened by Westwood Family Dental, Laser Dentistry will be used to speed up your in office whitening. This is done with a bleaching solution that is applied to the teeth and then activated with laser energy.

Biopsy or Lesion Removal

If Westwood Family Dental notices anything suspicious in your mouth Dr. Katherine Toubian will use Laser Dentistry to remove some of the tissue so that it can be examined. Dr. Toubian also uses Laser Dentistry to remove lesions and relieve painful canker sores.

Laser Dentistry works by delivering energy. That energy comes in the form of light and, when used for dental procedures by Westwood Family Dental, acts as a tissue vaporizer and cutting instrument with whatever the laser comes into contact with. When Laser Dentistry is used for curing fillings the laser helps strengthen the bond between both the tooth and the filling.

Laser Dentistry can be far less painful than traditional dental treatments. Because there is less pain, Westwood Family Dental may not need to use anesthesia. Laser Dentistry also helps with patient anxiety especially when it comes to the dentist’s drill. Laser Dentistry can also minimize swelling and bleeding during treatments that involve soft tissue. Laser Dentistry may also help to preserve more of your healthy and natural tooth during cavity removal.